CPF Coffee Oil consists primarily of polyunsaturated linoleic acid with a high content of palmitic acid making it well suited for use in cosmetics, soaps, toiletries, massage oils, creams and balms. 

Aromatherapy - Pure Essential Oils

Using coffee essential oil in your diffuser is a great way to bring the aroma of a fresh brewed pot of coffee into your home. Many will even speculate that coffee essential oil aroma has awakening and stimulating effects. 

Body Butters & Creams

Stimulating effect can help keep skin smooth, especially when incorporated in body butters, creams and lotions.


Adding CPF Coffee Essential Oil to any bar of soap, unscented shampoo or conditioner will help transfer the pleasant aroma of the oil onto your body.

Anti Ageing 

Anti-ageing properties make it ideal for use in facial creams and other oil based cosmetics. The linoleic acid and oleic acids found in CPF Coffee Oil cannot be produced by the body but can play a crucial role in skin health and anti-aging

Massage Oils & Sprays

It’s great mixed with a carrier oil for a relaxing, soothing massage, particularly if you have sore joints or muscles.

Facial Serums

Anti-ageing properties make it ideal for use in facial serums and other oil based cosmetics.